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GPS Tracking Solutions for Fleets, Assets,
Mobile Devices & Personnel

Customized Security Solutions for Law Enforcement, Insurance and Special Needs

With ONTRAC’s experience, advanced equipment, knowledgeable staff and superior customer service we are confident that we can exceed your tracking requirements whether it is one vehicle or asset, or a fleet of several vehicles or assets.
We have several offices throughout the Caribbean and we are looking forward to your call, or email, so we can help you with your tracking requirements..

Ontrac has re-engineered its offerings to provide customers with a more flexible solution to meet their requirements. This now includes our Pro service along with our New Freedom & Protect solutions!

Ontrac Pro

Ontrac Telematics Corp is re branding our existing Fleet & Asset Tracking solution offering to the Pro service.

This is the service that all our long term customers are familiar with.

Providing free ongoing maintenance and support along with a stable web based & mobile platform at an affordable price


We are proud to offer our customers and partners our new Freedom line of products.

Our new platform will allow you the customer to obtain low cost reliable tracking solutions for all the various types of assets at your fingertips.

The Freedom line covers all Fleets, personal vehicles & standalone assets


Ontrac Telematics Corp realized the need to provide an offering to protect those that are important to us and require special support.

This is the foundation of the creation of Protect where we have developed a low cost solution to help monitor all our loved ones

ONTRAC Telematics Corporation is founded on the basic principle of supply and demand. You demand to know where your assets are and we supply you with the technology based solutions needed to achieve this.





ONTRAC is always looking for partners in new jurisdictions in an effort to expand our dealer community! Contact Us now to see how we can work together on future initiatives.